What is Honeybrix?

Honeybrix is a long burning briquette (pronounced “Bree-Cat”) excellent for BBQ grilling and cooking. It produces little smoke and ash, and cooks food more evenly when compared against lump charcoal. Honeybrix is a superior substitute to traditional charcoal, since the standard size and shape makes it burn more reliably and consistently for longer periods of time. Its unique honeycomb shape also means that it can be stacked, which makes carrying and storing easy.

How is it made?

Honeybrix briquettes are made from sawdust, compressed and then moulded into the unique ‘honeycomb’ shape that distinguishes Honeybrix. Unlike other briquettes on the market, Honeybrix does not contain any additives, starch or chemicals to ‘bind’ the sawdust together. Instead, it binds with Lignin, a raw material that is naturally present in wood. This fact is instrumental in allowing Honeybrix to burn without giving off any odour. This also means that no artificial chemicals are leached into the food during the cooking process. Honeybrix is 100% natural and is environmentally friendly.

Why Honeybrix?

At Honeybrix, we believe in making a high quality, carbonized product designed to make food not only taste great, but also embody a quality that can be counted on. In understanding the passion of chefs all around the world, we are committed to creating an outstanding product that can be relied upon to produce a perfect, mouthwatering bite, without fail every time. Honeybrix is the result of that commitment. Now restaurateurs and chefs can rest assured of consistent, great-tasting quality with Honeybrix. Made without containing any additives, artificial chemicals and starch, the natural flavour of the food are also greatly enhanced with the use of this excellent briquette.
No Artificial Additive 100% Natural Low Ash Prduction No Smoke No Spark High Heat Density Environmentally Friendly Burns Hour